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Staying Motivated

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Staying Motivated

Motivation is the want to succeed and training in any area of your life is the how to? Typically what happens to your motivation is like your Starbucks Latte, you come out strong and soon the strong feeling turns to lukewarm and before you know the cup is cold and ready to be disposed. Your attitude is somewhat the same, so you have to keep refilling it over and over. Have you ever seen the movie, Miracle? It was the great gold medal hockey team of 1980, Miracle On Ice! I can remember watching it and hearing Herb Brooks who was a great motivational speaker say ‘ the legs feed the wolf” If you want to stay motivated then you need to fill your mind with thoughts that motivate, not the trash or crap that flies around your life, TV, office and other places you hang out. How can you stay motivated with a bunch of negative people who it seems like their only mission in life is to destroy your motivation. My big tip to you staying motivated is run from them, just like you should run from the evil side of life.

Here are 5 great TIPS to staying motivated

1. Read motivational material daily

2. Turn of the idiot box and negative news

3. Start your day of with a motivational mantra and repeat it several times a day, such as this one – Im good, Im getting better, good things are going to happen to me, Ive been forgiven, I can do all things through Christ, and my best day and years are ahead of me!

4. Read the Power Of Positive Thinking book by DR. Norman Vincent Peale!

5 Be thankful for all you have, who you have, what you have and what you can possibly have!

Now make it a great day, live right now, enjoy the moments and minutes you have, as you only have so many!