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If you don’t CLOSE, you CLOSE!
Tired of your team losing sales?
Are you even more tired of hearing the excuses they use when they don’t close the sale?
Are you personally tired of hearing the word no?

If so, then let us show you step by step how to close the sale and transform yourself into the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’! With the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ your team will learn the sales training skills to develop yourself into a closer. Closing is a process and our selling process can be used in any industry or organization. Salespeople don’t quit, they get fired because they weren’t closing enough sales! Why weren’t they closing? They didn’t have the skills. It takes skills to pay the bills! Let Motivational Speaker, George Dans, teach your business team the secrets of closing the sale. Along with closing skills, your team will develop permanent selling skills and habits that take them from their current income to the next level which increases your profits.

What will my team come away with? Personal Autographed Book Just Close It By George Dans
Real world selling & closing skills that they can use everyday, in any industry
George’s 50 tips to becoming the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’
Our DARE training program, Describe it – Act it – Role play it – Encouragement to use it
In-sync body language along with tone inflection and word memory techniques
Customized sales training programs to fit your industry, that will help your team close more sales right now
George’s 4 best tips to making more money right now, Career – Attitude – Skills – Habits = CASH
How to not let the word “NO” ruin your day or your selling career
Why every salesperson needs to have their Game Face on with every prospect

Our company teaches your team how to deal with and sell to today’s overly informed consumer. Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker, George Dans, will show you how to master the basics of selling and teach you how to take your customer through the selling process. Your team will learn how to overcome objections and flushing them out during the sales process and the professional selling skills to close the sale. Our sales training and motivational seminars are interactive and engaging. George’s inspirational speaking focuses on your customers’ needs, wants and motivation. George Dans says, “How hard can it be to sell something to someone who is ready to buy?”


Management – Sales Leaders – Team Managers
If you fail to train you train to fail.
~George Dans

How to build a winning team through personal and professional improvement! Let the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ George Dans show you how to become a great coach and manager that will lead your team to a winning, profitable year. Our sales training and motivational seminars will help you learn our best tips on how to personally motivate people and identify their goals. The ‘World Greatest Closer’ offers 28 leadership competencies to help every manager and sales person achieve a higher level of success and happiness.

The ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ proven formula on how to achieve team greatness:
Create a compelling vision
Standard operating procedures
How to quit letting the dog wag the tail
How to recruit – interview- hire and fire
Train the trainer – how to plan a training meeting and be a great trainer
Pay plans that motivate people
Eliminate, tolerate or motivate
Teams that reach their dreams
Why the word lead is in front of leadership
Why demotivators are team killers
15 mistakes that break teams
Team makers and getting people to join in the common goal
20 of the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ best qualities to becoming a great leader
Either lead – follow or get out of the way
People don’t quit business’s they quit management


How to build a winning team
TEAM = Teach Everyone About Mission
~George Dans

What does the word TEAM mean to you? Profits – Growth – Market Share – Stability – Winning!

In this motivational seminar, you and your team will learn the best secrets and strategies on how to build and maintain a winning team. George Dans has been a head Hockey Coach for over 15 years. He has coached youth hockey, college and adults. His perfect record of 26-0 led his team to state championships. This seminar will rock your organization. Imagine coming to a seminar where the Head Coach comes out and shows you how to hold a team rally, pumps up your salesforce, and motivates them to follow through. In this powerful seminar your team will learn secrets to get your average sales person to hunger for success!

Team Makers Vs. Team Breakers

What breaks a team apart and how do you avoid it from happening?

What does the word TEAM really mean?
Top Employees Always Motivated
Target Every Available Market
Truth Everyday Always Matters
Train – Educate – Act – Motivate
Team Execution A Must
Tell Everyone About Me
and many more

Tired of the gossipers destroying your team? What about the water cooler or break room group who doesn’t finish what needs to be done? Learn how to manage anybody on your team and motivate them. You have a choice, you either tolerate, eliminate or motivate people. Teams that work together, profit together. Imagine if your team could stay focused? What would it mean to you! What amount of increased profit would happen! TON’S

There are 3 modes to building a team
Beginning mode – New salespeople
Progress mode – Sales team has been somewhat together
Success mode – Team works together towards your companies goals – this is what you are striving for!

The ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ will ignite you and your team to new heights. Bring the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ to help connect your team together so that you can reach your goals faster. This is an incredible team building seminar!