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If you don’t CLOSE, you C LOSE!
Tired of your team losing sales?
Are you even more tired of hearing the excuses they use when they don’t close the sale?
Are you personally tired of hearing the word no?

If so, then let us show you step by step how to close the sale and transform yourself into the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’! With the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’ your team will learn the sales training skills to develop yourself into a closer. Closing is a process and our selling process can be used in any industry or organization. Salespeople don’t quit, they get fired because they weren’t closing enough sales! Why weren’t they closing? They didn’t have the skills. It takes skills to pay the bills! Let Motivational Speaker, George Dans, teach your business team the secrets of closing the sale. Along with closing skills, your team will develop permanent selling skills and habits that take them from their current income to the next level which increases your profits.

What will my team come away with? Personal Autographed Book Just Close It By George Dans
Real world selling & closing skills that they can use everyday, in any industry
George’s 50 tips to becoming the ‘Worlds Greatest Closer’
Our DARE training program, Describe it – Act it – Role play it – Encouragement to use it
In-sync body language along with tone inflection and word memory techniques
Customized sales training programs to fit your industry, that will help your team close more sales right now.
George’s 4 best tips to making more money right now, Career – Attitude – Skills – Habits = CASH
How to not let the word “NO” ruin your day or your selling career
Why every salesperson needs to have their Game Face on with every prospect

Our company teaches your team how to deal with and sell to today’s overly informed consumer. Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker, George Dans, will show you how to master the basics of selling and teach you how to take your customer through the selling process. Your team will learn how to overcome objections and flushing them out during the sales process and the professional selling skills to close the sale. Our sales training and motivational seminars are interactive and engaging. George’s inspirational speaking focuses on your customers’ needs, wants and motivation. George Dans says, “How hard can it be to sell something to someone who is ready to buy?”

Text George right now at 909-273-7622 for details and pricing!