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RV Training

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Sell More RVs Today

George Dans’ Training Is Right On For Todays RV Dealerships!

Nov. 11-15 2019
  • Get Motivated – Enjoy a better life, increased income, & long-term success
  • Improve Selling Skills – Control the sale, overcome objections, & close more
  • Prospect More – Create a pipeline to avoid being at the mercy of the market
  • Manage Better – Mentor and coach your team to a winning & profitable future
  • Grow Your Company – Daily planning, inspiration, & a system to reach your goals
Custom In-House RV Training

Sales Training That Is RV Training!

Plan for success everyday ~ The Seven Secrets To Successfully have a great month!

  • Learn the keys to overcoming procrastination
  • Master the basic selling steps and be a salesperson in control
  • How to bring out the potential in each person
  • Overcoming real-life customer objections to buying
  • How to ask for the sale and then close like a professional
  • Increase your write-ups today and close more deals
  • The most powerful steps to setting appointments
  • Three powerful steps in creating a pipeline of prospects that will never leave you at the mercy of the

Management Training For Your Team

  • Develop a system that’s easy to follow with proven strategies
  • Turn into a real head coach and learn how to manage a team
  • Get your team to stay focused the entire month
  • Train and motivate your team to consistent success
  • Create a systematic game plan for the success of the team
  • Learn how to adapt training meetings to fit current needs
  • Keep salespeople in the training to improve retention
  • Implement standard operating procedures to ensure success

Social Media – Phone – Internet

  • Master the incoming call and set more appointments
  • Turn the telephone into a profit center by using expert scripts
  • How to Capture – Convert – Close your Internet leads
  • Follow up more with prospects and overcome objections
  • Why Social Media skills are needed to sell more RV’s Today
  • Stay in touch with customers even if they don’t buy
  • Place activities in motion that will guarantee results down the road
RV- Phone Training
Sell More RVs Consistently

Live with George Dan

  • Live Training – Interactive webinars where you can communicate back and forth with George
  • Up-To-Date – Get all the latest and greatest training techniques for your current market today
  • Affordable – Low monthly cost with a HUGE return on investment ($25-$30 for every $1 spent)
  • Easy – All you need is a computer, the internet, a webcam, and your email address for the link
  • Stay Focused – Consistently keep your team motivated and educated to sell more RVs

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