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Im about to get strangled by Technology

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Im about to get strangled by Technology

Do you ever feel like you are being strangled by technology?

Punch in at work. Punch out at work. Read email messages. Send email messages. Read text messages. Send text messages. Check Facebook. Make comments on Facebook posts. Post comments on Facebook. Check incoming tweets on Twitter. Send tweets on Twitter. Glue cell phone to ear. Sound familiar?

Never, not even for one minute do you dare leave the slowly compressing coils of the gigantic “Electronic Anaconda” called the Internet, am I right?

No, this monstrous strangler called the Internet is not a reptile native to the Orinoco area of Venezuela. It is a different kind of electronic Anaconda found worldwide that can squeeze productivity and projection out of any salesperson who does not understand the impressive customer-creating power of Face to FaceBooking by adhering to the critical ALWAYS commandments highlighted below.

– ALWAYS project approachability.

– ALWAYS project awareness.

– ALWAYS project compassion.

– ALWAYS project calm confidence.

– ALWAYS project helpfulness.

– ALWAYS project niceness.

– ALWAYS project a professional appearance.

– ALWAYS project selflessness.

– ALWAYS project a willingness to listen with interest.

– ALWAYS project a sense of understanding.

Just imagine if you were to practice the ten ALWAYS commandments outlined above each and every day.

Then, what if you were to add a daily application of the POTUS principle. Huh?

POTUS? President of the United States. What if you were to treat every person whom you encountered every day as if he or she were the President of the United

Sales professionals, be open minded. Break free from the Electronic Anaconda for a day or two and follow the ten ALWAYS commandments and the POTUS principle faithfully. You will be amazed, enthused and renewed as a human being. I promise. So will the persons you meet.

In summary, finely tuned daily Face to FaceBooking rocks. Actually, so does the Electronic Anaconda called the Internet. You can always unplug and connect with people the real way! Belly to belly, eye to eye, not mouse to mouse!

Just remember that even the world’s largest electronic snake can squeeze you to death through addiction, a bit different type of death than that delivered by its huge reptile cousin slithering around down in northwestern Venezuela.

Achieving balance is the key. And you have the key to achieve that balance in your hands. Just insert the key into the ignition and turn it. The entire

ALWAYS, POTUS and Electronic Anaconda world is then yours to explore to find and secure new business! How fantastic is that? Can life get much better?

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