I need a speaker…. but I don’t know if I can afford it

//I need a speaker…. but I don’t know if I can afford it

I need a speaker…. but I don’t know if I can afford it

I got a response the other day and somebody asked me if I did Buy Here Pay Here training, yes is the answer! but but but I also so several other types of training and speaking as well! Before I die I want to make sure I was a well rounded speaker. Not only do I do Automotive training, I also do key note speeches, mens group speaking and am looking for churches and mens groups to bring me in and lead them to a better life and to overcome their struggles!


I often think about this question, when was the last time I did something the first time? When is the last time you did something new? How long have you been in a slump or a rut? What about your team, do they need a push instead of a whipping? When was the last time you brought somebody in to fire them up and give them real world tool’s and a plan on how to excel in life and work? If you don’t then you soon you will become Dr. Phil, or Dr. Laura!


What ever the type of business you have, it is vitally important that you develop, train, motivate and inspire your team today! People need it today more then ever, look at the world today, so many fight’s going on, the war’s about to start, the war’s still going on, economy struggling, people hurting other people, business’s dying, gossip more rampant today then your local sewer water, people losing their job’s, position’s being lost, downsizing becoming the norm, technology blinding and fooling people, the internet lying to people, bad habits becoming people’s master’s, addictions screwing up peoples lives along with your’s and your employee’s, but we don’t need to develop, train, motivate, inspire our people, they should be able to do that on their own! NOT

I like when Corporate companies say, we need to focus on the bottom line, morons!, It’s the people who bring you to the bottom line! Big or Small! We don’t have the resources to bring in a world class motivational speaker! Really…. well then you count the loss’s, the employee turnover, lost customers, lost sales, lost attitude, lost market share, lost people, lost service, lost income, lost your business!


Today’s employee’s need more then a health plan, good benefits, a desk, window, and a go get em kitty cat type of company. The best companies are the ones who invest in their teams by helping them grow personally and professionally! Why would we do that! Well most people bring their dirty laundry to work and try to wash it out with their co workers! Clean up the attitude and watch what happens to productivity! Can you imagine having an area on your bottom line that said, business lost to bad attitude, personal problems, bad habits, addictions or any thing of that sort!

If you don’t think that bad habits follow people to work, read this: The British Commons found out that productivity was slowing down at work, they did some research and found out why! Once the computers were checked, they had discovered over 350,000 hours on downloaded Porn. People rarely go to work to work anymore, they are doing other dumb things! They need a wake up call! That’s why you bring in outside motivational, educational, inspirational speakers!

I personally need motivation and inspiration everyday, more then most. My attitude can be lost by somebody doing something negative to me real quick. I breathe and eat motivation everyday! Why, because, it’s easier to get through things, struggles, and life along with business by having a positive attitude. Yeah but I read a self help book ¬†years ago! Did you take a shower along time ago too!

You can change your life, by changing your words, thoughts, feelings and actions, quite simple, yet hard to do! Focus on your team, bring them up, fire them up, motivate them up, inspire them up, clean them up, lift them up, keep them up, change them up, and soon your companies bottom line with be UP!

But but but but but, my God that BUT is huge isn’t it? Ignorance will never cure I didn’t know, or I always thought it was toooooooooo much. Send us a note on FB or Linkedin and start your journey of changing your life, along with your team’s life. It’s UP to you! I can’t wait to talk to you! George Dans



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