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“Don’t aim for average because you will hit it with amazing accuracy!” – George Dans

Who is George? Known As The Human Torch

Motivational speaker George Dans is fired up with passion and drive to help everyone he meets develop themselves to success. George speaks to companies who are looking for real world training solutions, backed with the motivational training to implement what they learn. George has studied human improvement for over 25 years and has read thousands of books on the subject. A published author himself, George has written many articles and books on what it takes to succeed in this market. He is a master of humor and powerful storytelling, bringing unparalleled energy and principals to every audience he speaks for. George had the privilege of serving our country as a ‘Fire Fighter’ and was honored as the ‘Academy Chief’ at the 62nd basic fire academy n Orange County, California. He has the ability to generate contagious energy, which results from his own rich life experiences.

What type of events does he speak at?

George has spoken at worldwide conventions with over 30,000 people in attendance. He keynote speaks at many motivational seminars and inspirational conferences. George also develops customized corporate sales training seminars to fit just about every type of industry and need. He can speak for Insurance – Medical – Manufacturing – Service – Private Companies – Retail – Start Ups – Year End Events – Kick Off’s – Trade Shows – Wrap Up Your Event – Start Your Event Off

What is his message? Real

George shares his powerful message, “You don’t need to know how to get to your goal, you just need to know you will reach your goal” with audiences around the world. His signature keynote focuses on ways to improve your life, by understanding the power of setting and reaching goals. You will leave his seminar energized and inspired to implement your new game plan to take action and close more sales. George has also just released his new book on Amazon called “Just Close It!” it is attracting all types of groups to have George speak at.

Automotive Sales & Management Speaking  Events – IADA’s – ADA’s – Dealership Events – In House Training

George has been labeled the ‘Human Torch’ because of his fired-up presentations. His up to date Automotive Sales And Management Training has been hailed as the most up to date and realistic for today’s dealerships, or large groups> If you are looking for a speaker – trainer – author or consultant for your next meeting, make sure to bring George in to be the piece of the puzzle that can make your event the best ever! George’s clients range from single point to dealership groups of over 150 dealerships with sales over 2 Billion plus

How often does he speak and how long has he been speaking for?

George speaks at 150 corporate, public and private seminars a year on the subjects of personal and professional development. Speaker for 16 years, over 750 paid speaking events, Spoke Internationally, Coached over 250 clients, Consulted 500 plus clients, Top rated Speaker at several events, Trained and spoke at over 150 sales and motivational seminars with top Fortune 500 companies. He was also a head hockey coach for 15 years, hockey instructor, and school director.  George has spoken to over 150 youth groups on personal development Who has George spoken with? George has had the honor of speaking with many great leaders like Former Secretary of State, United States of America, General Colin L. Powell; Author of “Catch Me If You Can”, the true story of a real fake, that the major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg was based after, Frank Abagnale; Former General Motors Chairman, Rick Wagner; San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Mike Singletary; Chief Executive Officer of BMWUSA, Tom Purves; to just name a few.

Who are his customers?

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies with annual sales in the Billions to small private sales organizations. (i.e. Protective Insurance, Bella Corporation, Coldwell Banker, Toyota, General Motors, J.D. Byrider, Aspen Marketing, Elbeco, Expel, Numerous State Associations, Sales and Marketing Groups, Guardian Insurance, Merz Pharmaceutical, NADA, Mazda, Honda, Acura, Salesfest) PCS –

George Dans’ Keynote and Seminar topics include:

  • ‘How To Close Anyone Anytime Anyplace”
  • “Just Close It”
  • “Quit aiming for average, because you will hit it with amazing accuracy”
  • 12 Easy Ways To Build Your Team Today!
  • Change Now Or Die A Slow Death
  • 10 Seconds To Yes!
  • The Climb From Failure Starts
  • Why Leadership Starts With You!
  • “Don’t aim for average because you will hit it  with amazing accuracy!”
  • Goals Are Dreams With Timelines!

– George Dans