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Automotive Training

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Custom In House Automotive Training

Automotive sales trainer George Dans knows that automotive sales training will help you sell more cars. Dealership sales training which is automotive specific, will help your team close more sales. In house sales training is effective because its cost effective and keeps your team focused to sell more. Automotive sales training is key to your bottom line. Sales training will help you improve your sales and profits. George can customize any type of workshop to your size of dealership and its price affordable. Give George Dans a call to find out how he can come to your dealership and improve your team, people, and your profits! You can buy your way to sales, you can make them work longer or harder, or you can improve them. A dollar spent on training returns, $25-30 dollars, a dollar spent on advertising brings you twice the money, go for the spend a buck and make 25-30, your team will work for you. If you have a turnover problem, look at the leader and that’s your problem. It all starts at the top!

Do you have chaos or standard operating procedures

  • Are all your process’s in writing and reinforced?
  • How to get everyone on the same page
  • Why outside training is needed and why a different voice has to come in
  • Are you working more on your business or in your business
  • If its not in writing then how do you enforce it

George’s powerful recipe for your dealership success

People – Do you have the right people

  • Are they right for your dealership
  • Have you settled for average
  • Is there accountability for everyone
  • How to manage people effectively by doing one on ones
  • Are your sales managers really desk managers or people managers

Polices – Are they in writing

  • Why its so easy to get people on the same page
  • Are your managers baby sitters or coaches
  • Why you need to have a true written sales process
  • How to master the art of selling
  • How and why you need to have a standard operating procedure from the desk to the porters to ensure synergy

PROCEDURES – How to do it

  • How to improve the quality of your write ups
  • Why the dealership has to be different then the others
  • Management by objective instead of fear or you’re going to get fired if you don’t reach your goal
  • Daily game plan to be reviewed by the sales managers everyday
  • How to build gross and keep it

PROFIT -In dealership sales and management custom training

  • How to get the sales force in force by effective sales training
  • Online sales training will insure long term success
  • How to train and motivate your team to consistent success
  • Automotive sales training is dealership specific

It is a must to build your dealership around your people. Let us show you that the better your team becomes, the easier it will be for you to reach your goals. Call us today to find out how we can come to your dealership and help you grow your people, and your profits.

Train The Trainer

Your competition isn’t the dealership down the street, it’s the people working for the dealership down the street who are your competition. You must grow your people so they have the skills to keep your customers satisfied and coming back to buy from you year after year. This highly motivational, interactive workshop will help you develop the skills, scripts, delivery and attitude of a top trainer through intensive training, interactive group break-out sessions and individual presentations.

  • Creating A Systematic Game Plan For The Success Of The Team
  • How To Create A Training Schedule For The Next 90 Days
  • Learn How To Adapt Training Meetings To Fit Current Needs
  • How To Keep The Salespeople In The Training To Improve Learning and Retention
  • Presentation and Delivery Skills
  • Professional Selling Skills For Today’s Informed Customers
  • The Basic Steps Of Selling
  • Bypassing Price
  • Handling Price Questions
  • Overcoming Objections and Closing
  • Questioning The Way To A Sale
  • Yes Questions
  • Either/ Or Questions
  • Open Ended Questions
  • Developing The Vocabulary Of A Pro
  • Teaching Professional, Non-confrontational Closing Skills
  • Increasing Write-ups

Sales Training For Your Dealership!

Your team will learn how to turn their job into a career and take control of their sales and success. George teaches real life personal growth skills along with professional selling skills. Most customers, know where to buy, when to buy, how to buy, but are looking for the Who to buy from! Your team will have the advantage for sure with this highly interactive sales workshop – great practice sessions in this workshop.

  • How To Plan For Success Everyday ~ The Seven Secrets To Success – Show up to work
  • The Keys To Making The Car The Star During The Walk Around
  • Mastering The Basic Selling Steps With Every Customer
  • How To Bring Out The Potential In Each Person By Developing Their Skills
  • Overcoming Real Life Customer Objections To Buying
  • How To Ask For The Sale And Then Close Like A Professional
  • Increasing Write-ups And Demo’s To Sell More Today
  • The Most Powerful Steps To Setting Appointments And Getting Them To Show
  • George’s – How To Be The Best Damn Closer In The Auto Business Today! Learn 20 Closes In One Day!
  • Three Powerful Steps In Creating A Pipeline of Prospects That Will Never Leave You At The Mercy Of The Selling Market

Social Media

Are you ready to take your entire team’s selling skills to the next level of effectiveness? Our interactive phone training will turn your average salespeople into true professionals and your top salespeople into superstars. This class is 100% content and zero percent fluff. It will be virtually impossible to leave being average in sales without true professional phone skills. 90% of the effectiveness of your ads are dependent on how well salespeople answer the telephone!

Social Selling – Facebook – Linkedin – Snapchat – Twitter

  • Why outbound marketing will bring inbound calling
  • What are the best ways to post today on Facebook
  • How To People To Follow You
  • Why You Need To Post Videos Of Your Self On Social Media
  • Developing Your Business Within The Business
  • Turning Social Media Into A Profit Center

How To Master The Telephone

  • New ~ Used ~ Ad ~ Internet
  • The Telephone Process For Today’s Informed Customer
  • How To Stay Off Price
  • The Art Of Bypassing Objections
  • Setting Appointments That Show Up And Buy

Mastering The Incoming And  Outgoing Call

  • Confirming The Appointment
  • Follow-Up Your Sold Customer
  • Getting The Unsold Prospect Back In To Buy From You
  • Mining The Diamonds In Your Backyard ~ Prospecting Like A Pro

Building Your Business Within The Business

  • Follow-Up ~ How To Stay In Touch With The Customer When They Buy And Even When They Don’t
  • How To Develop Multiple Streams of Prospects
  • Developing A Pipeline Of Prospects Who Are Ready To Buy Today
  • 3 Powerful Steps To Create A Long Term Customer Base That Will Never Leave You At The Mercy Of The Market
  • How To Place Activities In Motion Today That Will Guarantee Results Down The Road

George’s Incredible Sales Workshop

The difference between nearly good enough and good enough can mean the difference between presenting a vehicle and actually closing a sale today.  This is not a class for the weak who just want to blow ups off the lot or are cherry picking for the best up of the day.

If your team isn’t properly trained on how to overcome objections and close, chances are your customer will leave without buying and take their money to the dealership down the street. This workshop will show you how to capture those sales by giving your team real world, professional skills to overcome objections and close throughout the entire sales process.

 Why The Selling Basics Are Important To Set Up The Close

  • How To Overcome Objections Today
  • Professional Selling Skills For Today’s Informed Customer Or Professional Researcher
  • How To Increase Your Closing Ratio Today
  • How to build value so that your customer says yes to you today!

Business Opportunity Center Repairs

90% of the effectiveness of your ads are dependent on how well your people answer the phone

75% are never asked for their name by the salesperson

97% of the time the salesperson never sets a definite appointment

90% of the people who call in, buy within a week

Dealerships append thousands of dollars every month to make their phones ring. We know the phone has the potential to be the highest profit source in your dealership.

A George Dans Business Opportunity Center Repair will improve  the sales and marketing efforts of your entire dealership. We will turn your staff into a team of trained professionals who will use the phone as a powerful tool to explode your sales and service opportunities, build a strong and loyal customer base, increase your profits and raise your CSI.

  • Immediate, effective follow-up with your hot prospects – Text – Email – Social Media
  • Guarantee your sales customers become loyal service customers
  • Turn shoppers on the phone into buyers on the showroom floor
  • Get referrals every time
  • Overcome objections professionally
  • Stop selling price and start selling value
  • Reduce advertising costs
  • Fill your pipeline with customers today and down the road

Your dealership will NEVER get above average if you don’t handle your phones properly.

Let Us Show You How!

Best Damn Closer Training

If you want to be The Best Damn Closer, then this workshop is a must for your Team! George Dans has taught people how to close for many years. Note to Dealers and Managers – don’t send the weak to this workshop! This is the most intense closing workshop you will ever attend!

This is the Best Damn Closing workshop in the auto business to close more customers now. If you don’t close, you lose. You lose more than sales, you lose the customer, you lose money, you lose gross, you lose referrals, you lose service and you lose your attitude. In this workshop you will learn the most up-to-date closes to close today’s customers. A true professional must have a toolbox of closes to be able to close the easiest customers to the toughest. You will also find out why salespeople lose sales and why the best can close the sale. The Best Damn Closer In The Auto Industry will give the newest salesperson, to the most tenured, the confidence to close anyone. Closing your customers NOW is the difference between good and great. A great closer is a salesperson that knows that every step of the sale brings you closer to the close. In this workshop, you will learn how to master the closes and overcome objections, which really are customers’ concerns. By the end of the workshop, George will show you how to use all the closes with confidence to close more sales. If you are ready to move yourself up to the next level and sales and want to lead the sales board, then get ready to become The Best Damn Closer In The Auto Industry Today.

How to be The Best Damn Closer in the Auto Industry TODAY! Content

Getting Ready

  • How To Prepare Yourself To Be The Best Damn Closer
  • Why We Lose Sales And How To Prevent Ourselves From Losing Sales
  • Why The Basics Can’t Be Sacrificed

Why You Need To Close

  • Why You Need To Close Them NOW
  • How To Handle Objections
  • How To Overcome Objections
  • How To Develop The Confidence To Close Anyone

Closes For All Customers

  • 5 Closes To Close The Toughest Customers
  • How To Put The 5 Closes Together
  • 5 Closes To Help From The Lot To The Office

Being A Closing Champion

  • 5 More Closes That Can Help You TODAY
  • How To Become a Closing Champion
  • All 10 Closes Together

~Closing is a Process~
It’s where you help your customers make good decisions so that it’s a win-win for you and your customer