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Would You Like To Close More Sales Now?

  • It’s crazy if you think about it. If you don’t close you lose! The cost of losing your sale takes its toll over time and soon it robs you of your confidence.
  • Closing the sale is an art that everyone can learn by reading this life changing book
  • George Dans is the World’s Greatest Closer – Period.

Motivational Speaker, George Dans says If you don’t close your sales, you lose. You can not afford to lose sales in today’s market! Not only do you lose the sales, but most likely you will lose your attitude, repeat business and referrals. Plus, of course the most important thing you will lose is money. Let Motivational Speaker and Sales Trainer, George Dans show you the art of closing. If you want to be able to close more sales, then you need to improve your sales skills. Motivational Speaker, George Dans, says that hard work is not the answer to close more sales. Working smarter and improving your verbal sales training skills will help you close more sales right now.

Sales are missed because the salesperson does not have the right words to close the sale. I have heard salespeople say, “I wish selling was easy,” instead of, “I wish I was better at selling.” The best way to build a sale is to build the value and then ask for the order. When you lose the sale you have to let it go and move onto the next call or appointment, that means you have to FOCUS! Let George Keynote your next conference, corporate sales training or motivational seminar! Your team will leave your conference not only energized, but also with real world I can use this training information to improve my sales today!

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