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Would You Like To Close More Sales Now?

  • It’s crazy if you think about it… If you don’t close you lose! The cost of losing your sale takes its toll over time and soon it robs you of your confidence.
  • Closing the sale is an art that anyone can learn by reading this life changing book! Buy it now on Amazon! #1 Closer Book
  • George Dans is the World’s Greatest Closer – Period.

Motivational Speaker, George Dans says If you don’t close your sales, you lose. You can not afford to lose sales in today’s market! Not only do you lose the sales, but most likely you will lose your positive attitude. Plus, of course, the most important thing you will lose is money. Let George Dans, the best Automotive & RV Sales Trainer in the business, show you the art of closing. If you aren’t able to close more sales, then you need to improve your sales skills. George says that hard work is not the only answer to closing more sales. Working smarter and improving your verbal sales training skills will help you close more sales right now and continue to do so in the future! 

Automotive Dealers – Sales Managers – Service – Large Groups – Small Dealerships – Corporate Training – Custom In House Training!

Are you tired of turnover? Do you have a bunch of salespeople who are selling less then ten a month? Do you think you are missing sales? The key today is to minimize your lost sales. Stop it! George Dans can improve your sales, gross, net and customer service with his up-to-date sales and management training. Don’t wait another day, don’t wait for your team to get better, they get better with the proper training. Train them on the proper ways to: sell, close, overcome objections, use Social Media, use the telephone, prospect and follow up. Help them reach their goals so you can reach your goals! Text 909-273-7622 right now for details and pricing!

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Live with George Webinars –  Sales & Management Automotive Training! Stop watching green screen training from years ago, outdated and boring! This is the freshest and most up to date training material. 

Would you like to sell more? Are you tired of watching pre-recorded sales training? What if you could bring George in every week with a fresh new sales topic? Or use George for your Friday “lets get the weekend started pump up meetings” and bring his positive energy to your sales team!? Call us for pricing!!!georgeDan-live

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